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Understanding marginalised sexualities




Pandora / Blake is a public speaker, educator, consultant and author who is a leading expert on marginalised sexualities, consensual BDSM, porn and erotic media, and erotic fantasy. They have given training on consent in BDSM porn to the British Board of Film Classification, lectured at the Royal Academy of Art, consulted for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and contributed to Liberal Democrat party policy on porn and sex work.


A multi-award-winning porn director and political campaigner, Blake is queer, non-binary, kinky, and a sex worker. They have devoted their career to advocating for awareness and acceptance of non-mainstream sexualities, particularly those that fall under the BDSM, fetish, and LGBTQIA umbrellas.

Blake's book 'Unspeakable Fantasies', on how we engage with the erotic fantasies that trouble us, will be available soon. In the meantime, you can find their writing on kink, porn, politics and power on Patreon, and their educational videos on YouTube.


Book them to deliver a stimulating keynote presentation at your event, train practitioners who work with clients with diverse genders and sexualities, or to help your organisation better understand marginalised sexualities and the people who have them. 


Your presentation was absolutely outstanding.  Thank you for agreeing to take part in our event and for enabling us to provide an informed perspective on this important topic.



Pandora / Blake is available for conference keynotes, lectures, and other events. They are a captivating and dynamic speaker with over seventeen years of professional experience in the adult industry. They can provide your audience with valuable insights and cutting-edge analysis of how marginalised sexualities show up in media, society, law, and our private eroticism.


Institutions that have booked Blake as a speaker include the Royal Academy of Art, BFI Flare, BBC Woman’s Hour, the Conway Hall Ethical Society, the Society for Computers and Law, the Open Rights Group, the Women’s Institute, and the National Theatre. They've given talks at a number of prestigious universities including Kings College London, Goldsmiths College, and the University of Toronto. They're a regular podcast guest and interviewee for radio and TV news, and a keynote speaker at Eroticon.


Blake is available to give keynotes including:


  • Online censorship of erotic media

  • The UK legal and regulatory framework around online porn

  • How they took on UK porn censorship - and won

  • What does ethical porn look like

  • Discerning consent in BDSM porn

  • BDSM ethics and practice

  • Why mandatory age verification for online porn will do more harm than good

  • Where do our erotic fantasies come from?

  • Erotic fantasy, trauma and harm reduction



"Thanks for the session last Wednesday. Feedback suggests people both enjoyed it and found it valuable so thanks for putting it all together and for being such an engaging presenter."

“10/10! The discussion was more interesting and experiential than I imagined.”


“I loved the themes, and individual and group sharing. Helped me to tune into what my body really wanted and what my workshop partner really wanted.”


“Thank you for an amazing workshop. It allowed me to confront some things within me that actually quite shocked me. Was a big step forward.” 


"We had amazing feedback from audience and staff so once again glad to have had you!"


“Highly engaging!”


Pandora / Blake is a qualified facilitator who is passionate about supporting groups to expand personal and professional horizons in workshops, self-development courses, and in corporate, non-profit and civil institutions. 

As a facilitator Blake is committed to helping people better understand their sexuality and come into greater curiosity, consciousness, and self-compassion. Their educational work also supports allies, practitioners and policy-makers to develop their understanding of sexual practices and populations that are often stigmatised.

After professional training with Foundations of Facilitation and with Dr Betty Martin at the School of Consent, Blake provides safe learning spaces that are lively, interactive, and inclusive of neurodivergent and disabled participants, with engaging activities and a dollop of humour.

They have previously delivered training to the British Board of Film Classification on diverse genders and sexualities in erotic film, facilitated workshops on consent for Backlash and at arts festivals in the UK and Europe, and taught classes on making and enjoying feminist and DIY porn to groups at the School of Erotic Mysteries, the London Porn Film Festival, and The Book Club.


They publish regular videos on consensual BDSM to their Kink Education channel on YouTube.

Copy of Discerning consent in BDSM pornographic film (1).jpg


Pandora / Blake offers a variety of consultancy services to help organizations create a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture. They specialize in providing training sessions, workshops, and seminars on marginalised identities and practices including queer sexualities, trans and non-binary genders, consensual kink, porn and sex work, and polyamory, as well as topics surrounding consensual relationships, communication, neurodiversities, gender, and body image. They can provide your organization with the tools to create a more motivating and collaborative environment.


A recognised expert on porn, consensual BDSM, sex work and the law, Blake is also available as a consultant for lawyers, solicitors, filmmakers,  writers, and researchers to help you become more informed about the topics and individuals you are engaging with in your work.


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